EvMobile Application Development and Integration

EverMobile™ develops customized solutions that enhance the use of mobile devices (smartphones, mobile phones, handhelds), increasing the reach of corporate applications and allowing for the realization of operations that require a high degree of security and performance.

These customizations are available to companies that look for maximum efficiency and competitive differentiation, allowing for a fast time-to-market, extending the range of services, generating a higher client loyalty rate, reducing costs, and increasing profitability and dissemination. By using the most advanced technological resources (safety, multimedia, etc.) EverMobile™ provides maximum usability for applications and an excellent user experience.

In addition, EverMobile™ offers full support for the distribution and management of solutions.


  • Possibility of developing many different integrated technologies;
  • Development of applications for utilization with B2B, B2C and P2P;
  • Development of multi-platform applications;
  • Applications developed with full interaction between a mobile device and the many different existing corporate applications (ERP, CRM, BI, BPM, etc.).


  • Mobile technology expertise;
  • Full safety for transactional applications;
  • A team highly qualified and specialized in all device models and mobile technologies;
  • Differentiation and convenience in your market;
  • 100% customized projects with an advisory process for greater adaptation to the market where your company operates.