EvMobile Card

A set of innovative solutions is provided by EverMobile™, which virtualizes a consumer's credit cards and installs them on the consumer's cellular phone. This is accomplished in a very secure, unique and proprietary technology, which has been proven by the financial industry in Latin America as being the most secure, convenient and desirable technology available.

EvMobile Card is a unique and proprietary process for card virtualization that is controlled by the issuing bank through signed security certificates. Without control of virtualization through secure means, many security conditions can develop that could allow the unauthorized use of the cards.

EverMobile™ also provides a number of alternative solutions to allow payments over mobile phones and diverse mobile devices, accelerating the m-Commerce revolution.

Ever Mobile solutions offer all necessary convenience and security for every day payments, providing sales activity with greater speed and security, and meeting all the needs of Acquirers, Commercial Establishments, Administrators and Card Processors.

EverMobile's™ pioneering payment solutions are mature, proven and the result of more than 10 years of research and development, consolidated into a highly flexible platform and adaptable to every business model, allowing for the utilization of multiple technologies (J2ME, WAP, SMS, .Net, etc.) and integration with other devices (POS, PDV, Peripherals, etc.).


  • Flexible and customizable platform;
  • Real time credit card payments through a cellular phone;
  • Complete security for users, vendors and Financial Institutions;
  • Comfort and practicality to all levels and categories of consumers and clients;
  • Low implementation and maintenance cost;
  • Remote updates;
  • Allows the mobile phone to be used for transaction payments at the sales point;
  • Payment of consumer bills using the virtualized credit cards;
  • Meets PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards;
  • Easy implementation and maintenance cost.


  • Flexible and customizable platform for every business model and transaction flow;
  • Uses the mobile phone for payment transactions such as P2P, P2M, M2P, etc., including:
    • Transactions at the Sales Point;
    • Payment of Bills;
    • Virtual Portfolio;
    • Fulfills the needs of the main businesses in the Payment Card Industry;
    • Credit and Debt Cards, Private Labels; Pre-Paid, etc.;
    • Incentive, Benefits and Loyalty Cards;
    • Tickets, Vouchers and Coupons;
    • Utilization of many different technologies (JAVA, WAP, SMS, URA, among others);
    • Maximum security that fulfills the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.