EvMobile Cash

The EvMobile Cash solution provided by EverMobile™ transforms mobile devices (mobile phones, hand helds, smartphones) into mobile wallets able to make payments, purchases and transfers with greater security and commodity.

Allows a user of EvMobile Banking to transfer currency from the checking or savings account into the cell phone. There it may be used for purchases from participating clients or returned to any checking or savings account the client has.

This ability to move money from a bank to the mobile device combined with EvMobile Cash provides a complete "wallet" within the mobile device. It is important to note that cash may be withdrawn and returned to or from any customer account that uses EvMobile Banking.

The EvMobile Cash can use virtual credits or real values from the checking account, credit card, user's pre-paid or debit card, providing convenience and security for companies, establishments and users.

Besides permitting a broad range of payments, Mobile Wallet can be used as a special tool for the Electronic Transfer of Benefits, Incentive Campaigns, Bonuses and Rewards, reducing costs related to the production and distribution processes of conventional cards.

EvMobile Cash is flexible and can be used in B2B, B2C and P2P transactions. Operations carried out with the solution are rapid and completely secure, and can eliminate the participation of a financial institution during the act of payment.


  • Product applicable to many different market segments;
  • Easy integration with systems already existing in the company;
  • Highly secure transactions;
  • Services practically all mobile platforms and devices available in the market;
  • Reduction of operational and commercial costs;
  • Strengthens your customer and market relationship.


  • Visualization of the balance and the latest transactions on the mobile phone;
  • Ready for purchases on an accredited network;
  • Credits are automatically loaded on the mobile phone through a relationship portal;
  • Mobility: Permits interaction with other devices (ex: POS) and technologies (ex: Bluetooth).