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Client: Banco do Brasil / Bank of Brazil
Solution: Mobile Banking

This solution allows Bank of Brazil account holders to perform all banking operations (balance consultation, extracts, payments, transfers, etc.) and offers a friendly and intuitive graphic interface to enhance users´ experience, ensuring a high degree of safety, usability and performance.

This is a complete service, providing transactions such as current and savings accounts balance consultation, current account extracts, loans, payments, transfers between BB accounts, transfers to other banks (Wire Transfers and Electronic Checks) and pre-paid mobile phone recharging.

EverMobile™´s m-Banking is one of the most flexible solutions for financial and mobile commerce applications, and has become the most advanced solution in Latin America in its category, being awarded many prizes in Brazil and abroad.

Client: Banrisul
Solution: Mobile Payments

Banrisul - one of the largest Brazilian banking institutions - has increased its offer of services with the mobile payment service, which allows its clients to make purchases 100%-based on mobile phones. The solution, developed by EverMobile™, has integrated a payment option into that institution´s m-banking application. The application is the first in the world with such characteristics

With Banrisul Celular (Banrisul Mobile Phone) clients are able to make payments with maximum safety. The solution services liberal professionals such as, for example, ice cream parlors, beach stalls and hotdog sellers, among others. In addition to small and mid-size commercial establishments.

In order to perform a transaction, the trader and the purchase must only hold an account at the institution and own a mobile phone device. Upon making the purchase, the client accesses the device´s m-banking functionality and informs the registered professional´s phone number and the operation´s amount. After that, the trader receives a transaction confirmation message.

Client: RedBanc
Solution: Mobile Banking

EverMobile™ has implemented the largest Mobile Banking project in Latin America through an agreement with Chilean institution RedBanc – the largest ATM network in Chile, which interconnects the most important financial institutions in that country – to offer mobile financial services to the clients of many different banks integrating the network.

The clients of those institutions have then access to balance consultation, payment and mobile phone recharging functions, among many other transactions, through their mobile phones and with maximum safety. EverMobile™´s solution will allow RedBanc to offer an additional channel to the financial institutions affiliated to the network and will facilitate users´ daily operations.

Each institution counts on a customized solution, thus preserving their visual identity (layout, colors and logos). In order to reach the largest possible number of users, the solution will be available in the Java and Wap versions.

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