EvMobile POS

EvMobile POS is an exclusive solution for capturing transactions and permitting payments using the mobile phone as a communication device, allowing the quick expansion of the acquirer network and easy entry into small business retail commerce.

The Architecture of the EvMobile POS application and the accompanying Server Platform allows this device to be customized for any purpose for which a card with a magnetic stripe can be a used. Medical, Professional Associations, Discount Cards, Loyalty Cards, Event Entrance and Promotional cards are some of the possibilities for the creation of such new markets.

With this exclusive tool, your company will be able to employ a new means of payment in a mobile platform, ensuring full practicality to all performed transactions, and create New Markets and Market Segments, counting on EverMobile's™ entire security expertise.


  • Agility in the expansion of the Acquirers´ network;
  • Increased solution dissemination, permitting the participation of establishments of any size;
  • Costs reductions for the merchant and the Acquirers Network;
  • Total Mobility: Transactions made anywhere, including card acceptance and receipt printing;
  • Intuitive and user-friendly graphic interface that permits the personalization of the look and feel;
  • Greater security for the currently available POS devices;
  • Meets PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.


  • Capture of transactions made with Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Pre-Paids, SmartCards, Private Label, Benefits and Incentives and Mobile Phones (Mobile Wallet);
  • Acquisition of card data and receipt printing;
  • Integration with Card Administrators, Processors and the chain of payment industry.