EvMobile Framework

EvMobile Framework is the ideal platform to make on-line business possible over mobile devices and it can be adopted by any company, providing greater agility to processes, increasing productivity and facilitating decision making.

EvMobile Framework offers an open architecture, extreme flexibility, is scalable and fully supports the growing business requirement for a platform that can allow mobile devices to connect in a controlled, secure and vital manner to applications via the internet, or from within the business.

Many different technologies are integrated into this Platform and any application(s) the customer may need or require for the EvMobile Client are easily and quickly developed and merged into the platform.

Applications can be supported on both older, non-smart type cellular devices as well as the most modern and newer smart-phones such as iPhone, iPad and Android architecture based devices and tablets.

Identical form, fit, function and GUI appearance and usage are accomplished through a software abstraction layer that provides access to the mobile device's Operating System in a functional manner that allows the applications to be uniform in appearance and function irrespective of the cellular phone O/S.

The platform integrates easily with existing business systems, permitting total interaction between a mobile device and the diverse existing corporate applications (ERP, CRM, BI, BPM etc.) and is especially indicated for m-Banking, m-Business, m-Commerce, m-Gov and Sales Force Automation solutions.

The solution is comprised of EvMobile Server and EvMobile Client modules and it has several sub-modules to maximize security and platform features.


  • Product applicable to many different market segments;
  • Easy integration with legacy systems already existing in the company;
  • Higher speed for on-line negotiations;
  • It services practically all mobile platforms and devices available in the market;
  • It facilitates the decision-making process with a significant reduction of bureaucracy;
  • Reduction of operational and commercial costs;
  • High safety standard;
  • It strengthens your relationship with the market.


  • Cryptographic Communication (end-to-end) / Digital Certification (128bits to 2048bits);
  • Remote Update (incremental and automatic, or manual and monolithic);
  • User Interface to control data entry, navigability and usability;
  • Exclusive DECs (Data Entry Components) - Mobile Client's Application Components;
  • CMS (Content Management System);
  • MultiDevices, to support the many different models of mobile phones and PDAs;
  • MultiChannel for receipt and remittance of data packages by the many different access channels;
  • Billing/Auditing responsible for the financial reports on service tariffs;
  • The Mobile Server and Mobile Client modules may be marketed separately.